• Car Emergency lock outs

  • Car emergency lock outs London

    Car emergency lock outs London; we offer a 24/7 emergency service for those moments when you most need us. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your car don’t worry, we’ll have you back in again before you know it. We have professionals in car key cutting, car key replacements, car key programming and for car emergency lockouts London. We have the expertise to open even the highest security cars without leaving any damage. Our auto locksmiths are highly trained for any car lockouts. Call us on: 020 3740 6546 and we’ll be there any time, any day, anywhere.

  • Cant gain access to your car?

    Losing your car keys is always going to be a stressful affair, but you can ease the stress a little by taking one simple measure and that’s keeping a spare set of keys. Not only will you save yourself the worry, but having a spare can be a godsend if you’re in a hurry somewhere and can’t find your regular keys anywhere. If you are sharing the use of your car with someone it also makes sense for you to have a car key each; since two of you handling the car keys increases the risk of them getting lost as well as wasting valuable time travelling to and from to exchange them. In the event that you do lose one set, having an extra set will also save you money in the long run, should you need to call a locksmith.

  • Six steps to get you back in your car

  • Step One

    Car emergency lock outs

    This is step one of six. This is the process of finding out the shape of the lock inside the key.

  • Step Two

    Emergency locksmith

    Our Auto Locksmith is then able to find the right key for your car so that they will be able to unlock the door

  • Step Three

    Car emergency lock outs

    Then going back to the car to fit the new key and make suer that it works

  • Step Four

    Car lock outs

    You now have access to your vehicle but wont be able to start then engine due to the key not being programmed.

  • Step Five

    Car Key Programming

    Programming the key to be paired with the vehicle so that the engine can be started

  • Step Six

    New Car Key

    You are now all set to go with your keys able to unlock your key and being able to also turn on the engine.

  • In an Emergency?

    If the situation that you are in is an emergency then please don’t hesitate to contact our car emergency lock out London team by either calling us on 020 3740 6546 or visiting our contact us page.

    If your situation isn't an emergency but you are in need of an auto locksmith technician, please visit our information pages. This includes car key cutting, car key replacements and car key programming. For any further information, you can contact us via Email, telephone or our live support directly on the website.