• MG car keys London

  • MG car key replacement in London

    If you’ve lost or broken the key to your MG don’t despair; our auto locksmith is here for you and offers a wealth of experience and expertise to deal with all makes and models of cars including your MG. Our auto locksmiths understand the urgency of a lost car key and will be on their way to you from the moment you call us.

    Replacing your car key should not be a long drawn out process and we strive to make the process run as smoothly as possible for you. Unlike your local car dealer, we will come to you and not expect you to tow the car at your expense. Our locksmith will then gain entry without any damage to your MG and generate a new key from scratch using the latest in automotive technology to program the key to your vehicle.

    Unlike your local dealer you will not need to wait for the key. Usually the dealer will need to order the keys meaning you will be in for a wait. We on the other hand cut and programme keys on the spot. If your key is lost and you are concerned about the security of your MG, we can also cancel the old key, so it will no longer work with your vehicle. We work with all makes and models of cars even those more than a decade old.

  • MG key price list

  • MakeModelYearLost or SpareRemote keyPriceSecond key
    MG TF 2000-2002 Lost Remote + key 200 Remote + key £70
    MG TF 2000-2002 Spare Remote + key 170 Remote + key £70
    MG ZR 2000-2002 Lost Remote + key 200 Remote + key £70
    MG ZR 2000-2002 Spare Remote + key 170 Remote + key £70
    MG ZS 2000-2002 Lost Remote + key 200 Remote + key £70
    MG ZS 2000-2002 Spare Remote + key 170 Remote + key £70
  • Car key programming

    With today’s technology; car keys have become much more complicated to duplicate. With most car keys these days having a built in immobiliser unique to each individual car, duplicating car keys has become technical and requires special programming by a qualified professional. If you’ve lost the keys to your MG and concerned about the security of your car and the possibility of someone stealing it, then reprogramming the key is highly recommended. The same can be applied if your car key suddenly stops working for some unknown reason or it stops working after being dropped, bent or dropped in water. Our technician will come to your vehicle and using our diagnostic tool will connect to the computer of your car in order to reprogram your MG key on the spot.

  • Broken or damaged car keys

    Not something you would usually think of as breaking easily, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is for a car key to get broken or damaged. With time metal car keys wear down and can easily get snapped or bent. Electronic key fobs can also get damaged easily. The plastic casing can snap or get crushed and water damage can affect the electronic components inside. The buttons can also become dislodged making the car key ineffective. Generating an already existing immobiliser key is quicker, easier and cheaper than producing one from scratch. Our technician will give you a replacement key for your MG on the spot meaning you can go about your daily business sooner rather than later.

  • Car lock outs

    We operate a 24/7 emergency service for those moments when you really need us. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your MG don’t worry; we’ll have you back in again before you know it. We have the expertise to open even the highest security cars without leaving any damage. Call us and we’ll be there any time, any day, anywhere

  • Spare car keys

    Losing your car keys is always going to be a stressful affair, but you can ease the stress a little bytaking one simple measure and that’s keeping a spare set of keys. Not only will you save yourself the worry, but having a spare can be a godsend if you’re in a hurry somewhere and can’t find your regular keys anywhere. If you are sharing the use of your MG with someone it also makes sense for you to have a key each; since two of you handling the keys increases the risk of them getting lost as well as wasting valuable time travelling to and fro to exchange them. In the event that you do lose one set, having an extra set will also save you money in the long run, should you need to call a locksmith. First of all you will save them the job of trying to gain entry into your car without the keys, but also duplicating and reprogramming from an existing set of keys is much more straight forward and quicker than generating a key from scratch. If you’re not already in possession of a spare key, it’s well worth considering getting one done. Call us anytime for further information.